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on the use of torture methods, leaks in terms classified what house documents, and the obama administration's use of drums. >> live in baltimore, a lot of reasons there. -- raven's stands there. >> the latest on when this celebration will continue. the parade for the baltimore celebrate their championship on tuesday at 11:00 a.m. at the baltimore city hall. it will continue to the bank stadium. hopefully, they will have wonderful temperatures. >> yes. >> we are watching them chop -- jump up and down. the wind chill factor is beginning to drop. it will feel colder as we move the early morning hours. outside, a few scattered snow showers. nothing falling in the district. tom roussey reported earlier, a flakes continuing to fall. 34 degrees this hour. off of ourdegree the day. makes itchill factor feel 10 degrees colder. that will be the situation as we move into the daytime hours tomorrow. 45 is our average. just amount -- just to run 14 miles per hour. hospital, 28ren's degrees. the winds will continue to there, also. temperatures across the board in 20's to lower 30's. 35 degrees in frederi
good judgment." the president from former obama white house press secretary robert gibbs on "meet the press" said the following. >> the disconcerting thing obviously for anybody that watched, he seemed unimpressive and unprepared on the questions he quite frankly he knew was coming. >> gibbs trying to soften his criticism, saying secretary tim geithner turned his way around. hagel's appointment could threaten future relationships in the pentagon in his ability to do the job. >> if i were chuck hagel i'd go to the president and say do you still have confidence in me? do you think i could do the job. >> you would offer to potentially withdraw? >> you've got to if you think you're not going to be effective because of what's happened. >> the whole issue isn't getting confirmed. it's whether he'll have political capital as defense secretary to work with the congress and generals in a meaningful way. >>> coming up next, part of a one on one discussion i had with a man who has had just about every powerful position in washington other than the presidency, defense secretary leon panetta o
. i'll ask former obama white house press secretary robert gibbs when he joined the rest of our roundtable. ralph reed former national hispanic co-chair for john mccain's 2008 presidential campaign. and later on, bob costas on the future of the game itself. >>> "meet the press" [ female announcer ] want younger looking eyes that sing wow with olay, here's how. new regenerist eye and lash duo the cream smooths the look of lids... softens the look of lines. the serum instantly thickens the look of lashes. and the award for wow eyes in just one week goes to you. for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer. be ready with children's motrin. >>> coming up, will we see an overhaul of u.s. immigration laws this year? the issue now front and center as a bipartisan group of senators introduced a framework for reform this week. the president even hit the road to vegas to lay out his broad principles. but he issued this warning. >> we can'
is hold the government's feet to the fire. the obama administration, the house, the senate because they are direct responsibility for why we've see such anemic growth, and to say to somebody looking for a job, it's coming, it's coming, four years? it's coming? no, it should be unacceptable. gerri: john, i want you to talk to some of the participation rates, labor rate issues, and among 60-year-olds, it's growing. the labor force participation among people who might be thinking about retirement is actually growing. there'more people who are in the age category who are actually working. now, this contravenes everything you think is going on, and, certainly, the message from the white house saying, hey, boomers retiring everywhere. it's not happening. what's going on? >> well, you know, the -- that's right, a lot of people put off retirement plans because the typical household lost a lot of money when the stock market went down, and the house is worth less than it was, and the plans go out the window, not sure about their pension, and so that's another reason to keep working. it's dif
the morning after pill. the white house said the modifications the president obama's overarching goals. >> we had to ensure that women have access to preventive services like contraception and that the policy also respects religious beliefs. >> the catholic league hailed the announcement as a sign of goodwill to the catholic community, but because private sector firms with religious objections are not covered by the new proposals and because many insurance firms are apt to shift the of a sharp teeseven absorbed costs back to employers anyway, even if they are not for profit catholic schools, charities, work -- they dismiss it as window dressing. >> religious charities are not off the hook today. on the contrary, they are being forced to contract with a third-party testing provide objectionable products like abortion inducing drugs for employees. today's accommodation is simply another version of the old accounting gimmick. >> the administration said insurers will deduct the cost from the user fees that they paid to the federal government to take part in the insurance marketplace is or exchang
was chosen, the white house said they were worked very hard there to curb gun violence. as president obama pitches his gun control plan in minnesota more reaction to this white house photo of the president skeet shooting at camp david. pushing for a ban on assault weapons. no chance on capitol hill. but universal background checks, that's gaining support. >> i think that everyone acknowledges that we should something with background checks. >> mark kelly said that checks must be expanded to keep guns away from mental ly illness. >> he have gone to a gun show or a private seller and got a gun. >> this super bowl accused the nra of making a complete turnaround. this was the nra after columbine. >> provide in-state background checks for every sale, no loopholes anywhere for anyone. >> reporter: this was the nra ceo on fox news sunday. >> it's never going to be universal. >> reporter: that ad came from mayor michael bloomberg from new york, his group mayors against illegal guns. we c we con ra? >> thank you. >>> eddie ralph is facing two counts of murder in the killing of chris kyle. they were
've seen this about-face from the white house, that for months and months and months barack obama ran against congress when he won re-election and now he's trying to work with them. there has been something like a mood of amity in washington and for folks facing re-election from 2014 the political pressures are are going to be very different than for barack obama, who is not running again, right? but i do think he wants to they can -- check this one off. >> i also think that 9 republicans really want to get something done here. chris: off their backs. >> on immigration. chris: and gun safety, the new term of art now. the member of congress can sit home and he or she knows exact lib the gun situation in their districts more than the president knows. >> in the case of background checks, deep background checks, there is something like 90% support for that. studies have shown when presidents get out there and try to bring to washington and understanding that the people out in the country already have, in other words when he's not changing minds but chanepping energy -- chris: which is the
who were killed in the shooting. >>> the president is leaving the white house to fly to minnesota to discuss gun safety. this is the first time the president is getting out of washington to rally support. kyla campbell has more. >> reporter: president obama said he would take several trips across the cut. >> the first is in minnesota where officials have taken some steps to curb gun violence. but police and city leaders say there's only so much they can do. they are asking obama and lawmakers on capitol hill to do more by creating and enforcing tougher federal gun laws. the white house prices minnesota's moves to keep the guns out of the wrong hands. the state approved the system -- updated the list for background checks. president obama is pushing for universal background checks, a ban on military style assault weapons and a limit on how many rounds gun magazines can hold. obama is getting some support on capitol hill. why it might not be enough. why him going after public support is not the right move when i see you next. >>> well, roll does know how to shoot a gun. over the wee
: what do you make of the picture of the white house releasing, president obama skeet shooting at camp david and he says he respects hunting. >> he said during the campaign he will not talk away the rifle or handgun, and they had flyers like this, saying he will protect gun rights and now he is trying to take away all three. >>chris: not taking away shotguns. >>guest: have you looked at the feinstein bill? that is what it does. they will turn the universal, i think, check on the law-abiding into a universal registry of law-abiding people and they do not want that. that is the last thing they want. >>chris: you take something that is here and you say dill go all the way over there, there is no indication. i can understand you saying that is a threat but nothing the administration says indicate they will have a universal registry. >>guest: and obama was not a tax until they needed it to be a tax. i don't think you can trust these people. feinstein has said, they will go door-to-door and pick them up. can i talk about what would work? >>chris: a couple questions and we will get to it. the
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, especially obama. they are wanting the house back in 2014. long as they can continue to demonize republicans, especially house republicans, they are getting hit at every turn. they're going to win back the house because people are believing them. this goes back to what you were saying a minute ago. the way the republicans are just being painted. the media is working very hard at this. obama is working very hard at this. they're working very hard to get the house back. that's the problem. guest: i share her sentiments in a large measure. i do think president obama has used rhetoric which is outside the down the presidential rhetoric normally. putting party ahead of the country, wanted autistic and down syndrome children, not supporting medical research, just going on and on. it's really unusual and unfortunate for the president to do. i think the demonization as unlike anything we have seen in a long, long time. it is more supportive of president obama and the democratic party message now land and any time that i can recall. as a general matter, the media by and large it is liberal. you have
violence. as president obama pitches his gun control plan in minneapolis, more reaction to this white house photo, skeet shooting at camp david. critics are saying it's an obvious effort, as they put it, to pander to conservatives, making the point that the president supports the second amendment while pushing for gun-control measures. >> mark kelley argues checks must be expanded to keep guns away from mentally ill people. his wife was shot gabrielle giffords. >> he could have gone to a gun show or private seller and gotten a gun. >> this super bowl ad accused the nra of making a complete turn around on gun control checks. >> we think it's reasonable to provide mandatory instant criminal checks for every sale at every gun show. no loopholes anywhere for anybody. >> this was the nra ceo. >> the criminals are not going to comply. >> the group responsible for that super bowl ad was mayors against illegal guns, a group found by new york mayor michael bloomberg. >> a 25-year-old man is being held on charges of killing a former navy seal. he's facing two counts of capital murder in the shooting
show. you can watch right here on wusa9 11:35 right after wusa9 news at 11:00. >>> president obama took his campaign to reduce gun violence to the midwest. in minneapolis today he asked for the public's help to push congress to take action. tara mergener has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: president obama took his gun control message on the road sitting down with law enforcement officials and community leaders in minneapolis. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> reporter: the president praised the minneapolis police department pointing to the city's success in tackling gun violence. he is also trying to reach minnesota gun originals as he works to rally public support for his -- owners as he works to rally public support for his proposals to curb gun violence. >> i need everybody who is listening to keep the pressure on your member of congress to do the right thing. >> reporter: this is expected to be the first of several trips the president makes to push his plan outside washington. proposals for a new ban on assault weapons an
in america president obama traveling to in an effort to win support for his proposals. the white house says minneapolis taken important steps to reduce gun violence. meet withent will leaders and law enforcement officials in order to discuss what he calls set of common sense ideas to reduce gun violence. two northern virginia in als will be featured that looks aty possible warning signs for school shootings. that is the word from our wto the.at -- wtop. they signed an agreement with releasedls to not it the names of the schools used. it will air on pbs february 28. 26 degrees out. still ahead, funeral services will be held for the former new york city mayor. good morning. get up and get going. a lot of us bleary-eyed after super bowl. 5:11 is the time. a kind of chilly day. clipper headed our way to bring another dusting of snow. adam, can you just take all of these and make them into one big >> we[no audio] hear adam. i know the answer was yes. these temperatures for you, we waking up to 23 degrees in washington. germantown, 24 this morning. 23.mbia is we will have increasing clouds somegh
registry and president barack obama's critics say it could lead to taxes on guns or to confess sayings. -- confiscation. over he weekend, the white house released -- over the weekend the white house released this picture of president barack obama doing seat shooting and he will give a speech about his proposals and why he made this stop for his proposal, i will have an update when i see you next. kyla campbell. >>> the group protect our children bay area has so far raised $30,000 for the event. the buy back will offer $200 for an assault style weapon and it will be held in east palo alto on february 3rd. >>> they are looking for a man last seen behaving strangely at a park. they called saturday after the man started acting bizarrely. he was reported to be in the park where the man stripped naked and started chanting. >> he fit the description, tall 6-foot 6 male white male and he disrobed himself and he was chanting... >> family members say he may be reportedly mentally ill. >>> he will be sentenced on domestic violence charges. he is accused of beating his wife and he pled not guilty
. >> not to the debate over guns in america. president obama will travel to minneapolis today in an effort to win support for his gun policy proposals. the white house says the city has taken important steps to reduce gun violence. the president will meet with local leaders and law enforcement officials to discuss what he calls his comprehensive set of common sense ideas to reduce gun violence. maryland attorney general will host a forum on gun violence today. that will be at the university of maryland law school in baltimore. date and local officials, law enforcement officials but legal scholars will all take part. >> news around the nation. at least eight people died dozens more hurt when a tour bus collided with two other vehicles in southern california. the exact cause of this coalition is unclear. authorities say the bus driver did report having brake problems as the vehicle came down a mountain. officials say the passengers on the bus were part of a mexican tour group. >> d.c. police continue to search for a person behind a fatal stabbing. >> saturday evening, police responded to a report of an unc
's not just because they feel that way. especially obama is on in the house back in 2014. as long as they continue to demonize republicans, especially house republicans, and they get hit at every turn, they're going to win back the house because people are believing this. it goes back to what you were saying a minute ago about the way republicans are being painted. the media is working hard at this. obama is working hard and his people are working very hard to bring the house back in 2014. that's her problem. >> host: >> guest: thanks. i'll say a couple things about that. i do think president obama has used rhetoric, which is outside the bounds of the rhetoric normally referring to republicans of slander of society, putting party ahead of country, wanting autistic in down syndrome children, not supporting medical research, not supporting programs of younger children and goes on and on and away they and on with this unusual and unfortunate for a president to do. i do think demonization in the presidential is like anything we've seen in a long time. secondly, there's just no doubt a
research centers. waiting for the house to come in for debate this afternoon. while we wait, president obama today missed the legal deadline for setting his proposed budget to congress and how speaker johd boehner spoke on the floor today about it. >> president obama missed a great opportunity today to help. our economy.this this was suppose to be the day the president submitted his budget to the congress. it not coming.ming it's going to be late. some reports say that it couldth be as long as a month late. i guess that's too bad. our economy could use some presidential leadership right now. on thursday the presidentsban disbanded his jobs council after a grand total of four meetingsyr in two years. as americans got to work on friday, they learned their economy still isn't creating enough jobs. the unemployment rate actually went up. now government spending does cause growth, as the president believes, we shouldn't be having these problems. then may be, it wouldn't be so disappointing that his budget is late. well, we are having trouble and a large part spending is the problem. it's wh
on them. >> when obama took over it it is it now 14 percent. emmanuel cleaver of the congressional black caucus said 14 percent. if there were a person in office we would be marchingolt white house . on met the press thape said blackings are fairing worse under president obama. he was describing the numbers. the fact of the matter is it, my father said i never got a job from a poor person. take money from rich people you have problems. ronald reagan lowered taxes and slowed down the spending. obama has done the opposite. >> what you said makings perfect sense. but that is not popular when you talk about it in the africa-american community is it >> it is not. but i dare say 90 percent of the people. high told black people in the economic recovery we would be lookingalt 14 percent unemployment and that is lower than the people that abandoned it a substantial number of people would not have voted for him. the number one reason the economy and he's not delivering. >> talk about the policiless that are hurting black americanings whampt were the policiless that you feel have kept people from b
-- federal advocacy coordinator. >> looking at a video from a short time ago at the white house, president obama preparing to board marine one on the south lawn. he is headed to minneapolis today, meeting with local leaders and law-enforcement officials to discuss than control. the associated press writing today for the first time president obama is taking his campaign for new gun restrictions on the road. in minnesota, to look for support from public, law enforcement for his proposals to stem gun violence. the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban is expected to be the toughest challenge facing the president. we will have live coverage of the president's remarks when he arrives in minneapolis today at 2:30 eastern here on c-span. >> congress is back today, the house gaveling in at 2:00 eastern, recess after a one- minute speeches. they will return about 5:00 and take up a number of suspension bills, both after 6:30 eastern. debate and vote on a measure requiring the president to submit a balanced budget to congress. the senate is and at 2:00 for general speeches. a vote at 5:30. the do
the economy as shrunk slightly in the fourth uarter of 2012, presidenn obama says the recovvry issshowwng signn & of growth. the president sat down with c-b-s' scott pelley forrannexccusive innerview aheaddof the superr -3 bowl.marianne rafferty hassmore. 3 ooama says: "housing is 3 going strong, car sales are uu. the truth is overall here were a lottof ositive signs eeonomy is taking a step forward, but some economisss say ii's on a slow path. -3 some say one offthe things polding up progress is folkss in washinggon. president obama is ccaling on lawmakers toowork together on a balanced approach to reduce the deficit and promote economii growth. but continued gridlock may pmpact a deal.dowd: republicans are unwilling to let's ddficit spend in order 3&&pare unwilliig to address -3 government ssending, so they -3 deficit spend, both sides, wwich iswhy the country does not rust washington. -& while thh wwite house and 3 fiscal cciff, the eal alss deferred auuomaticcspending cuts to the beginning of march. congress is still s
this week. democrats are gathering in annapolis, maryland. live coverage at the house. president obama is in minneapolis today, holding conversations with local law enforcement officials on gun control. we will have his remarks, right here on c-span. >> if you have some hot shot that just got his ph.d. in computer science, he is getting offers from all over the world. they will even stay in limbo for six years or so, staying competitive. >> congress could do a lot and you would not have to be proficient on your iphone or blackberry to understand the applications of what makes it work and what does not. >> it does make it difficult to get investment decisions and expect a return on the investment with no way to predict if the future. >> the role of government in technology and policy from the international consumer electronics show, tonight on "the communicators," on c-span to. >> earlier today, the special note inspector general for afghanistan. on seven key over kyte fills -- goals, the future of -- future of that. >> welcome, it is my pleasure today to be hosting john, the special in
in the senate say they want a gun control bill which can pass both houses of congress. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: president obama takes his pitch for gun safety to minneapolis today. he wants congress to require universal background checks, limit how many bullets gun clips can hold and pass a ban on assault weapons but here in washington, much of the focus is on more limited legislation. >> i think that everyone acknowledges we should do something with background checks. >> reporter: not everyone, wayne lapierre, head of the nra says the president's proposals will not stop gun crime. >> the kinds aren't -- criminals aren't going to comply with it. >> reporter: but mark kelly, husband of gabriel giffords, says they are working and they need to be extended. >> since 1999, 1.7 million people were prevented from getting a firearm because they had a criminal record or a history of mental illness. >> reporter: the toughest sell here on capitol hill is the assault weapons ban, something even the senate's top democrats, majority leader harry reid has not endorsed. >> i didn't vote for the a
to combat what will be a very effective interest group effort in opposition to his goals. >> president obama is not done a good job building relationships with congress. he needs to do that before he starts putting external pressure on them. >> tomorrow, a bipartisan group of house members will introduce a bill to make a federal crime to deal and firearms trafficking. >> police are investigating it after one of the military's most accomplished snipers was shot dawn -- shot dead a gun rains this weekend. >> the 25-year-old former marine is charged with two counts of murder in the saturday shooting death of legendary military sniper chris kyle. police are still working to determine a motive. he was one of the most skilled and deadly snipers in military history. he once showed a target more than 1 mile away. he was a highly decorated navy seal, seven medals a bravery. >> he was very humble to the time he got out. he did not really want to publicize the number of kills. >> he also the difficulties service members face when they came home. >> you don't have an identity. >> dedicated himself to he
of the connecticut school shooting back in december begins to dissipate over the weekend. the white house generated plenty of attention by releasing that photograph of president obama's shooting back in august. proof the administration says that he is not against guns per se. on some point the president may succeed limiting the size of magazines perhaps trying to stay the universal background check for gun booirs. the nra says it's a big powerful power grab. >> there will be fees there will be paperwork, there will be law abiding people in a bureaucratic nightmare. there will be abuse in terms of prosecutions and it's all going to effect only the law awe biding people. the criminal coulds ca care les. >> another front outright ban on military style assault rifles the president will face tougher opposition even with his own power. harry reid would consider it but did not commit. >> i didn't vote for all the weapons last time because it didn't make sense. i will take a look at it. >> background checks and a greater focus on those with mental illness who battle mental illness. right now those are the
committee, told "the hill" newspaper that the white house will likely unveil a cyber security proposal sometime after president obama's state of the union address. >>> and add "the washington post" to the list of u.s. newspapers coming under attack from chinese hackers. just this week "the new york times," bloomberg news, and "the wall street journal" all reported their computers had been compromised. security experts say china started targeting american news organizations in 2008 to monitor their coverage of chinese issues. >>> the next hour of the cnn "newsroom" begins right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon. getting close to the top of the hour and topping the news right now, officials in alabama say the man holding a boy hostage in an underground bunker is allowing the delivery of potato chips, toys, and medicine. jinly lee dykes grabbed the 5-year-old boy from a school bus saturday after fatally shooting the driver. funeral services were held for the driver who is being hailed as a hero for protecting the other students. >>> new details about that missing american wom
is on capitol hill this morning. she has the latest. >> reporter: as president obama pitches his gun control plan in minnesota today, more reaction to this white house photo of the president skeet shooting at camp david. critics say he's pandering to second amendment conservatives while pushing for a ban on assault weapons. that seems to have no chance on capitol hill. but universal background checks, that's gaining support. >> i think that everyone acknowledges we should do something with background checks. >> reporter: mark kelly argues che checks must be expanded to keep guns away from mentally ill people like jerod loughner. he's charged with shooting gabrielle giffords. >> the case of the rejection at the gun store he could have easily gone to a gun show or private seller and got a gun. >> reporter: this super bowl ad accused the nra of making a complete turnaround on universal background checks. this was the nra after columb e columbine. >> we think it's reasonable to ask for background checks at every gun store and gun show. no loopholes for anybody. >> reporter: this was on sunday.
gun violence. and today, president obama traveled to minneapolis to raise pressure for gun legislation. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: faced with an uphill battle in congress, the president took his campaign for new gun control measures on the road today. >> we're not going to wait until the next newtown. >> reporter: central component of the president's new plan is kwooifring virtually anybody buying a gun is a background check. but the audience in minneapolis has seen that that's not enough. last september, just a few miles from where the president spoke, minnesota suffered its worst ever mass shooting. 36-year-old andrew engeldinger went on a rampage at this sign store after he was fired. shooting and killing six employees. according to his parents, he was mentally ill and refused treatment. here's the thing. he legally bought his gun here after passing a background check. >> our son struggled for years with mental illness. in the last few years, we no longer have had contact with him. >> reporter: the local sheriff met with president obama
: as president obama pitches a gun control plan more reaction to this white house photo of the president skeet shooting at camp david. critics say he's pandering to conservatives while pushing for a ban on assault weapons that seems to have no chance on capitol hill. universal background checks is gaining support. >> i think everyone acknowledges we should do something with background checks. >> reporter: mark kelly argues checks must be expanded to keep guns away from mentally ill people like jared loughner, charged with shooting kelly's wife former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> the case of the rejection at the gun store he could have easily gone to a gun show or private seller to get a gun. >> reporter: this super bowl ad accused the nra of making a complete turnaround on universal background check. this was the nra after columbine. >> we think it is reasonable to provide mandatory instant criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show. no loopholes anywhere for anyone. >> reporter: this was the nra's ceo on fox sunday. >> it will never be universal. criminals could care
control tomorrow in minnesota. ahead of that the white house released a picture earlier this week showing president obama skeet shooting at camp david in august. gun advocates are railing all over this. what's behind this picture? >> yeah. this was taken supposedly on august 4th which was his 51st birthday at camp david. he was asked in a magazine article previous to this picture about do you have a gun? do you ever use guns? he says yeah, i shoot skeet, clay pigeons every -- all the time. gun rights people don't believe this. they feel that it's similar to john kerry showing up in camoflauge. remember that ? two weeks before the 2004 election or their own party mitt romney saying yeah, i shoot small vermin, that this is a hyped contrived way to appeal to hunters but at the same time be gun control advocates. >> might this not alienate people who are opposed to guns as well? >> i think most consider it a political contrived situation, that it's just suspicious in nature. >> let's turn to local politics, the d.c. mayoral race, still a year away, but ward 6 council member tommy wells is exp
house releasing a photo of president obama, this right here, skeet shooting at camp david. the nra responding to that said one picture does not erase a lifetime of supporting every gun ban and every gun control scheme imaginable and there were even some photo shop conspiracy theories that you are probably aware of here. what's your thought? did this do more harm than good for his case, this picture? >> i don't think so. i think that no matter what the president would do, critics on the right would be questioning him, would be raising various theories about whether he really goes skeet shooting now that he's trying to answer those questions and those conspiracy theories, another has arisen that perhaps this is a photoshopped gun or maybe he's not really shooting at a skeet because he's not shooting up in the air or down at the ground. i think the president will always have his critics and this is an attempt to answer them. >> some on the left are saying they didn't need to do this. >> well, i mean, i guess that's a judgment call. i don't think it hurts him or really helps him that m
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